Friday, April 9, 2010

Tin foil encasement fetish?

Yesterday I had a wonderful shoot with one of my favourite groups of people, FM Concepts. The day started off quite normally, we did some damsel in distress, mouth-gag, chloroform and duct-tape, with the lovely Diamond Foxxx as my sexy co-star. Once Diamond had packed up however, I really ventured into the bizarre by being fully wrapped in tin foil until I was completely encased!

It was one of the most interesting and enjoyable experiences I think I've ever had on a shoot. The foil crinkled wonderfully every time I moved, and although I couldn't go far because of the duct tape holding everything in place, I managed to wriggle a little. Every inch of me was covered, including my head and face, with just a tiny hole to breathe through. I was lowered onto the sofa and lay there feeling completely serene and calm, and very warm! I was quite disorientated, as the lack of movement or awareness of my surroundings provided almost complete sensory deprivation, but I also felt very safe and secure. I was a naked butterfly in a space-age metallic cocoon.

Just for fun, we decided that along with videoing me being more and more covered in the tin foil, we should also have a video of me escaping! I managed to break through the foil with my hands, then slowly squirmed and worked my way out with my feet. Next came the body, which I managed after some contorting, and finally my face was free!

If you'd like to see the video, the clips will be available on the FM Concepts website soon, so bookmark it and keep an eye out! Below you can see a few preview snaps, let me know what you think :)