Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adam Chilson Master Class July 24th

I am very excited to say that I will be modelling for Adam Chilson's very first water and rain set photography class on the 24th of July. This workshop aims to teach participants how to construct their own working water set in a studio setting, along with lighting techniques and safety instruction. I will be transformed over the day into a mermaid, complete with tail, whilst photographers work on the set with the talented Nevaehlleh to add both fine art nudes and surreal fantasy themes to their portfolios.

It's going to be an incredible experience, and as the workshop is limited to four photographers, it's going to be a very hands-on day with lots of one-on-one attention. Posing in water is challenging and rewarding at the same time, and the effects are like nothing else.

If you would like more information on the workshop, plus how to sign up, please visit the link below:

Adam Chilson Master Class

I hope to see some of you there!

Example images:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paddling and Ponygirls

On Friday morning last week I got a call from Mr Ken Marcus, requesting my presence at the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Jamboree which was being held at Passive Arts Studios. Being a pony-play enthusiast, I was very excited to go and the next morning got up early to curl my hair and put on my most jodhpur-look-a-like bondage pants, and off we went!

There was dressage, a rodeo, a blind-fold obstacle course, presentations and lots of interesting outfits and people to talk to. The event was hosted by SubMissAnn, and she looked lovely in a black bodysuit and golden pony tail. I enjoyed watching the various events, but would liked to have seen more pony-boots being used, and perhaps some music for the ponies and critters to perform to. Still, I am now inspired to create my own ponygirl outfit and hope to attend next year to perform myself!

On Monday, I had a date with Dallas and Nikki Rouge for his website "Dallas Spanks Hard". I had apparently not learned my lesson from the last round, and had allowed time to heal my memories of the extremely sore and bruised bottom I would be left with. I can now safely say that my memory has been refreshed, and as I sit here (uncomfortably) in the Sophie Nova office I am very aware of just what it means to be spanked by Dallas!

Finally, this morning I was greeted by a message in my inbox from Peter Claver. I worked with Peter when I went to Toronto, and he'd finally finished my images from our rope suspension shoot. A few are posted below:

Friday, June 18, 2010


I recently received an email enquiring if I had a wish-list. I decided that since I'm having a lazy day in bed (the Sophie Nova office is the most comfortable place on the planet!) it would be fun to post mine here. It's good motivation for me as well!

Agent Provocateur "Whip Me" Stockings in size A

Agent Provocateur "Marylin" Bra and Panties (size 2)

Rubber 55 Bow Seamed Stockings

Ponygirl Bridle (without plume) in Tan and black

Latex Nurse Dress in Jade Green with white detailing (size small)

Atsuko Kudo Latex Mask

Atsuko Kudo Leopard Print Basque (made to measure)

Ooh la Latex Stripe Dress

Westward Bound Gift Vouchers

Marquis Lace-print Latex Hood

Friday, June 11, 2010

Erotica Workshop 2010

Last weekend I was very pleased to be invited back for my second Erotica Workshop, hosted by Michael Helms and Perry Gallagher in CA. Since my very first nude shoots were with these two incredibly talented photographers (and I'm happy to say, friends) it was especially nice to come back and help others build on their experience. Almost like visting your highschool teachers after University, I felt all grown up!

The workshop was smaller this time around, which I actually preferred, as there was more opportunity for the participants to really concentrate on getting "the" shot, and it allowed both Michael and Perry to really give a lot of one-on-one time to everybody. I did both days, and although I was thoroughly exhausted, it was a lot of fun!

I believe the next workshop is scheduled for Autumn this year, so if you're interested in attending keep an eye on my blog and on Michael's and Perry's DeviantArt pages for updates.

Dave Weathers was kind enough to send me a few images from the class this morning, so I've posted them below.