Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Interviews and Art Shows

On Saturday evening I attended Karen Hsiao's Book Release Party for her new book, Rubber Duck. I wore black latex hot pants and gloves and not much else (as I'd been asked), and interviewed a few of the models and of course Karen on video which I will post soon. It was a fun event and I enjoyed seeing a few familiar faces along with meeting some new artists I hope to work with in the future. Unfortunately some of the visitors at the gallery were unable to behave appropriately around a few topless women, and I was quite disappointed at their remarks and lack of consideration, especially in such an environment. It says a lot when I'm more embarrassed for you despite being the one with no clothes on in a crowded room, does it not?

The next morning I was up early to catch my flight to Las Vegas to work with Imago Studios for the day. I was really looking forward to testing my limits with strict bondage for their new website focusing on experienced fetish models, but unfortunately I had my first hiccup within an hour of shooting! My arms had gone completely dead and I had to be un-tied and allowed to rest for a few minutes whilst the feeling came back. Luckily we resolved the problem and managed to get through four sets over the course of the day.

I spent Monday resting and doing a bit of cleaning around the house, and today was pleased to see that my interview with fIXE Mag Online was published. I answer questions relating to my inspirations and my personal fetish interests, you can read about it here : http://www.fixemagazine.com/post.php?postid=700