Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paddling and Ponygirls

On Friday morning last week I got a call from Mr Ken Marcus, requesting my presence at the Los Angeles Pony and Critter Jamboree which was being held at Passive Arts Studios. Being a pony-play enthusiast, I was very excited to go and the next morning got up early to curl my hair and put on my most jodhpur-look-a-like bondage pants, and off we went!

There was dressage, a rodeo, a blind-fold obstacle course, presentations and lots of interesting outfits and people to talk to. The event was hosted by SubMissAnn, and she looked lovely in a black bodysuit and golden pony tail. I enjoyed watching the various events, but would liked to have seen more pony-boots being used, and perhaps some music for the ponies and critters to perform to. Still, I am now inspired to create my own ponygirl outfit and hope to attend next year to perform myself!

On Monday, I had a date with Dallas and Nikki Rouge for his website "Dallas Spanks Hard". I had apparently not learned my lesson from the last round, and had allowed time to heal my memories of the extremely sore and bruised bottom I would be left with. I can now safely say that my memory has been refreshed, and as I sit here (uncomfortably) in the Sophie Nova office I am very aware of just what it means to be spanked by Dallas!

Finally, this morning I was greeted by a message in my inbox from Peter Claver. I worked with Peter when I went to Toronto, and he'd finally finished my images from our rope suspension shoot. A few are posted below:

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  1. Now I must join DSH again. Your perfect alabaster bottom spanked bright red is a sight surely too hot to miss. What a very brave girl. I don't doubt you're sitting uncomfortably. xo