Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tickles and Rubber Ponies

Life has been crazy. Lots of decisions to be made (and some being made for me) big changes and ups and downs. It looks as though I will be moving out of my home within the next few weeks and moving in with some very good friends, and my life is about to get bi-coastal with lots more trips to New York, PA, and New England planned.

Luckily I'm not intimidated by the mayhem, actually I embrace it. I like new surroundings, and the chance to start from scratch, and I look forward to the improvements that are coming my way.

I took a break for a couple of weeks whilst my good friend Shannon came to visit all the way from Ireland. It was nice to relax and have fun showing her the sights in LA, and to do something unrelated to modelling. I feel refreshed and ready to go again, and have a trip planned to Philly and Baltimore from the 14th - 18th October.

Yesterday I had a great shoot at Esperanza Studios and also met Marco Patino, who kindly snapped a few shots of me in between wardrobe changes. Nikki from Pet and Pony Girls also got in touch and kindly sent me a few images, check out their website here for more photo sets and videos!

Vaunt Designs also wrote to let me know that my custom latex Medical outfit is in the post, so I can't wait to see my concept come to life! Photos and rubber fun will surely follow.

I'm also in this month's issue of Gothic Beauty :)

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