Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happiness is...

Life is just getting better and better right now. I have lots of paid work offers, am traveling again (San Francisco early July, Oklahoma late July, a possible trip to England in August) and will be modeling for 4 workshops over the next month and a half, working with a few photographers on my "wish list", potentially shooting a magazine cover, and am also collaborating with Santa Monica College's Photography Chairman, the legendary Larry Jones, on a coffee table book about... me! Yes, really, me. I'm so excited about this I couldn't just sit on it and say nothing. It's going to probably take over a year to complete, but I'm honored to be asked, and it makes me truly happy to be an official muse.

I met "Jones" a few weeks ago as his wife had booked me for one of the nude workshops he holds for students from Santa Monica College every couple of months. Some of the attendees had never worked with a professional model before, so it was especially thrilling to see them so excited over the results we were getting. Jones took quite a liking to me, and despite the hail and rain, we all had a wonderful time shooting up in the mountains and odd patches of farmland on the way back down. I've already been booked for the next two workshops, and continue to be inspired by the students I work with. I only hope that I can continue inspire them right back.

Some recent additions have been made to the apartment, including a deer shoulder mount named "Darwin" and luxurious satin bedding for glamour and boudoir photography. I also purchased a huge softbox and hope to use it soon for my custom latex shoot.

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