Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dirty Girls

On the 11th of June I attended the Dirty Show, held at the City Center Motel in Los Angeles. It was a really fun evening, with each Hotel Room being used as an individual Art Gallery, so visitors could roam from room to room to see an assortment of erotic and fetish-inspired art and photography.

Only 10 minutes into my exploration, I was accosted by a fellow Englishman with a Polaroid Camera, and we got some really funny shots of me and fellow model Sha-Lynne posing in the dingy bathroom of one of the rooms.

After a bit more wandering and admiring a ceramic ass candle-holder, a selection of gimp art, and some carved wood vagina pipes, I did a quick interview with the gorgeous Merrie Swain for G4's Attack of the Show. To see my bouncing on a bed in my custom Vaunt Designs latex with Sha and Merrie, just click here :

It was a really great experience and I hope the show comes back to LA next year, I need to start saving up for some seriously kinky art :)

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