Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm on Zivity!

Finally. I kept meaning to join but never quite got round to it. But as of today I have started my profile and will be uploading sets soon. I have some very cool concepts that will hopefully entertain my voters, one of which involves a custom latex outfit by Vaunt Designs. I'm going to be fitted for it on my trip to Philly and can't wait to see it completed!

You can check out my Zivity profile here. I'll post a new blog entry when my first set is published :)

It's my birthday on the 5th, I'm wishing for latex, a trip to my favourite sweet-shop, laser quest and the quilted patent suitcase from River Island. My early present from my mum was a ticket to England, so I've already been pretty lucky in pressie department, thank you mum!

Finally, I would like to say that if you're going to wear latex, please make sure it's adequately shined, and if you're going to charge for your modelling, please take good care of your nails. Sloppiness irks me.

On a lighter note, here I am with my new hair, for Michael Sanville's new project:

I've been shooting loads, new images are on their way, some are just being kept top secret for now :)

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