Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pony Girl

My birthday was on Friday, my first away from the UK. We went for breakfast and then drove up to Palos Verdes for a western style riding session at Wagon Wheel Ranch. Pat is a really nice guy, he takes a more natural approach to caring for his horses that seem to keep them very relaxed and well behaved, and he was even kind enough to offer me a free ride when I come back :) If you have a free afternoon and want to do something a bit different, I highly recommend saddling up and going for a ride.

On Saturday I went to DV8 and spent a very nice evening hanging out with friends and of course getting my birthday spankings from none other than Ken Marcus! By the time he was done I was limp and giggly, so it was worth the pain and awful position he had me in!

I also have a lot of travel planned, so far it's looking something like this:

March 12th - 15th : Philadelphia
March 20th : Bound Los Angeles Rope Conference
April (First week) : Toronto
April 28th-May 24th: England
June: Chicago
August 5th-8th : FetishCon, probably

I also plan to work a trip to NYC and Atlanta in, and possibly a return visit to Philly in the summer. It's amazing to me how quickly things are picking up, and I hope to make the most of my little adventures.

I've been working on my website also, and hope to have that up and running very soon, so keep an eye out for updates :)

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