Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hysteria in Hesperia

Yesterday was so much fun. After weeks of planning, set bulding, fittings and scheming, Lauren WK, Scar, Paindancer Productions and I headed out to the desert to shoot a Silent Hill inspired editorial for Eirik Aswang. Paul Spataro also drove up to do what has probably been my favourite hair styling to date; neon orange and pink spray hair dye over fifties rolls!

Eirik's corsets were nurse inspired; warped white leather that had been stained and painted over, with matching giant nurse caps. We played around with some medical gauze and netting for more texture on the face and over the hair, and stumbled around the set trying to look as attractively decayed as possible.

Big thank you to Adam Chilson for set design and allowing us to invade his home, and to Eirik for getting three outfits made in time for the shoot.

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