Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today I started my home laser hair removal treatment. The wicked little device was lent to me by my good friend Jim (Natlight Studios). Hair free underarms and bikini area for life? How could I resist?

Unfortunately, resisting has become very easy. The Tria Device works by emitting a small laser, which is accompanied by the sensation of a hot needle poking you in the skin, over and over again, in your most sensitive areas. After about 30 minutes of bracing myself, doing a few quick pulses, and shaking from the pain, I'm having difficulty imagining how I'm going to finish what I've started.

I'm no wuss. I enjoy pain, and can be found giggling and sub-spacing from caning, beating, paddling and so on. But this is a completely different animal! Still, I am determined to finish my treatment (twice a month for 3 months, then once a month until everything is gone) and will hopefully look back on this experience as being worth it. For those interested, the Tria Device costs about $800 and is a lot cheaper than going to a Laser Hair Removal Clinic, but takes longer due to being weaker and smaller, and doesn't come with numbing cream. I'd really like Tria to make numbing cream.

After a frantic message to Jim, I was informed that because I'm so pale, the lowest setting is probably enough for me and I should get good enough results alternating between low and medium. I continued in mild to low discomfort, and will continue to update with my success rate or lack thereof.


  1. First comment! I'm sure your blog will be famous soon, so I consider it quite the honor.

    We almost setup a shoot a few months back, but the timing fell apart and I got lazy. Maybe someday.


  2. Thank you for commenting! You get a sticker :)

  3. I wonder if there is some sort of OTC numbing cream that you could purchase and apply yourself? I'm fascinated by this device and eager to hear how it works for you over the next few months.

    --From m, Paindancer's friend in KC.